Friday, October 26, 2012

Reasons Why Not crack a Walnut…                      

Of all the nuts they say
are good for you, one wins
out in front by a whisker:
Nature’s tooled Netsuke
in the shape of your brain.

You may well need
its white squiggly crunch
of protein
glazed and shining,
like a Botticelli cloud,
reined in by a husk;
yet much more than its
memory enhancing,
artery-washing nutrients
you need the dream
of the walnut, the inside-
its-shell stage, where
a perfectly-formed
concert grand is waiting
for the femininity and lyricism
of Mitsuko Uchida.

You can't know
that that's not true:
or never have heard her play Mozart
just look a little closer
at the walnut
and see how it’s made
of two halves – a left
and a right side
you might say –
and how each is shaped
like a coracle, sailing
where two oceans meet.



Roderick Robinson said...

This is first-rate stuff not least from those bang-bang short syllable lines (sorry about the lack of echt poetic terms) esp:

memory enhancing
artery-washing nutrients.

I even got the Botticelli clouds reference. A salutary example of how our objects of worship must be approached sidy-ways (A Scottish variant which, I think, enhances the original) in order to suppress even the tiniest tendency to gush. And with Uchida it's pretty strong.

But you're also a source of despair. Free verse for me is essentially shackled, I cannot even make the first step. Whereas you are able to absorb aberrant stresses and added syllables and make them work for you. I have some verse in mind at the moment but, alas, it can only a sonnet.

Oh, and the masterfully simple last section. No poetic guff there (or elsewhere). My congratulations.

Joe Hyam said...

Wallnuts are like netsuke and they do recall the human brain. You have packed a lot into this nutshell.

Lucas said...

Many thanks to both commentators. Much appreciated.

Lucas said...

Many thanks to both commentators. Much appreciated.