Friday, October 26, 2012

Reasons Why Not crack a Walnut…                      

Of all the nuts they say
are good for you, one wins
out in front by a whisker:
Nature’s tooled Netsuke
in the shape of your brain.

You may well need
its white squiggly crunch
of protein
glazed and shining,
like a Botticelli cloud,
reined in by a husk;
yet much more than its
memory enhancing,
artery-washing nutrients
you need the dream
of the walnut, the inside-
its-shell stage, where
a perfectly-formed
concert grand is waiting
for the femininity and lyricism
of Mitsuko Uchida.

You can't know
that that's not true:
or never have heard her play Mozart
just look a little closer
at the walnut
and see how it’s made
of two halves – a left
and a right side
you might say –
and how each is shaped
like a coracle, sailing
where two oceans meet.