Monday, March 07, 2011

Joyce explains that the way to get an Amaryllis to bloom again is to keep watering it after it flowers, say in December, all the way throught to September as a greenplant. Then not to water it (much) from October to December. Then to start watering it again. This has been born out by the reflowering of Joyce's Christmas 2009 Amaryllis which she was given as a present.

Reflowering Amaryllis

That year of growing
taller and taller meant
you reached the ledge to bloom

dear Amaryllis
thank you for sharing this - well
that's what people say...


Marinela Reka said...

Amaryllis are so beautiful, nice write and great blog. Love it :)
Short Poems

Lucy said...

Something a bit odd is happening; I get notice of a new post here on my feeds (on my sidebar list, like yours), but when I come there is nothing! I assumed at first you were posting then changing your mind, which you may well be, of course,in which case please ignore this comment, but it has happened two or three times now, and I wonder if I am missing something?

Lucas said...

Hi Lucy,
Thank you for pointing this out. I think I do quite frequently post and change my mind or remove to edit. Didn't realise that this was affecting the RS feeds.
Will have to be more decisive/careful in future.