Monday, December 28, 2009



Flatlands, eel grass, marsh harriers hover,
copper sanded estuary, reed banks;
paper and glass still prosper; vessels
like floating caverns, grey container-men
Harwich-bound, blank the docks. Pluck owns
the river – swifts weave through park's air space,
lion-cat stroked in the foliage,
Limehouse massage, in and out calls;
once-The-Mission flanked by bovver
is unreal estate, locked gate. Pranks
came at night, a skull-and-cross-bones,
concrete stained by graphic rain.


Dianne said...

This was a net to capture my imagination, all generated by that mission?

Plutarch said...

The compact style is compelling, the images tightly packed. I like the image of littered flat land and "grey money-men Harwich bound".

Lucy said...

A seductive riverscape, intriguing. The marsh harriers caught me straightaway, and so much subtle colour.

Dave King said...

Wonderful! It improves with each reading. Taut and stimulating to the imagination. Have yourself a good new year.

Lucas said...

Many thanks for these comments - much appreciated.
A Happy New Year to all.