Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Shop in Soho

The Shop in Soho

Madmoiselle Maigret and her detective
father outside the Algerian
coffee store on Old Compton Street:
in a culture of parkas
and hoods, his trilby stands out –
he a smoker of pipes, she
in tights and blue shoes.
Together they look
at the coffee makers, closely, considering…

a gift for Madame Maigret.
While she goes in to pay, he regards
this Soho, as if a Kasbah.
Alone on the pavement, he stands for Bonjour;
he stands for au revoir;
he stands guard
for Parisien Savoir,
for self respect
and the daily grind,
for love and the love
of the smell of ground coffee.

For tobacco
for Mystery,
pour La Vie.



'soulless' said...

Reading this sweeps me away from my present thoughts and concerns, now hovering at a place and at a particular scene that could have been a previous, or a second, life. ;) Thank you for this respite.

Lucas said...

Many thanks for visiting and for you insightful comments. I was indeed fortunate to observe this scene and am glad it strikes a chord with you!

Lucy said...

Wonderful, redolent, I can smell it!

Lucas said...

Many thanks, Lucy. I think you would like this shop and its contents.